Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What! It's Over!?!? (Final Thoughts)

I just got done reading some other posts by fellow classmates, and I want to go out for drinks with everyone to celebrate the class being over. But like the every end any long event with it's ups and downs, we made it through together and the final curtain call is bittersweet. I know this was LIS629, Integrating Technology into the School Media Center, but it didn't feel like a class. We were all enjoying our time learning and teaching each other. Mark and Myself felt the class could have gone on for another few days, and we would still only scratch the surface of web 2.0 tools. But one has to ask, is the class really over? Can I take LIS629 in another year or two and expect a repeat performance? Absolutely not. Web 2.0 is not in an infantile state, but more of an adolescent. Every tool is still waiting to be discovered, and evolving itself. We are in a constant state of flux, learning from it and growing with them. Social networking could be consider could be considered to be the rebel teen filled with negative connotations, but eventually will mature and make a positive impact on the world, some of them already have. Sure this makes sense in my mind, I'm not a creative writer so I hope I'm making my point. What will happen with Web 3.0? Will I be taking LIS629 again? Probably not, it is up to me to take control of my own learning and evolve with technology, and help others grow. The first steps to take are to subscribe to twitter feeds, blogs, and keep up to date with how these tools are being utilized. The ideas presented by colleagues will only keep the storm in my brain churning up newer ideas. The second step is to implement them, and while implementing them, which is imperative, I'm learning with my students. The questions are many and unanswered, and it with the utmost importance that these tools are used and taught to teachers in my faculty. From what I have seen, the students know more than the teachers, and that alarms me. In the Oceanside school district, there is one person in charge of all the school webpages, very ineffective. a librarian should have control of their own libraries web page and not rely on someone else. So stepping on someones toes is one obstacle that might be before me.

I'm truly going to miss this class. We learned a lot together, but we could learn so much more.

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Karen Kliegman said...

Thanks for the positive feedback about the class. I love what you wrote - and you are right, the learning journey continues always. Now you have learned to make the info come to you! Such a pleasure to have you in the class!